fxguide‘s Mike Seymour recently sat down with Wes Ball to talk with him about his film Mouse Guard, and the innovative virtual production pipeline used by the filmmakers to make the film. While the film has sadly been put on hold, Ball posted a sizzle reel on youtube, garnering a lot of attention and praise.

There was no falling out between Ball and Disney. The team at Disney, while unable to commit to the film, remain supportive of Ball. The Director, while very disappointed, did not post the test to spite Disney, far from it. Ball posted the Unreal sizzle reel as he is incredibly proud of the work, and also he is a huge fan of this newly emerging area of virtual production.

Epic Games CCO Kim Libreri, via Facebook commented that the test “really is the pinnacle of virtual production.”, adding also, “incredible UE4 previz scenes from Wes Ball and his amazing teams at Fox VFXlabs and Halon”.

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