Directed by James Cameron

HALON Entertainment would like to congratulate Brad Alexander, Andrew Moffett, Jerry Kung, Daryl Bartley, Ignacio Pena and Jeremy Agamata for their years of hard work to successfully bring the magic of Avatar to the screen.

Halon Entertainment’s involvement with Avatar was over four (4) years long. The tasks of each HALON team member changed dynamically from day to day as the show pipeline and workflow was consistently evolving. Below is a simplified representation of our general responsibilities for AVATAR.

Asset creation, asset manipulation, motionbuilder scene building (stitching, combos), video facemask generation, scene troubleshooting, animation fixes, environment tweaks and specific director notes were all part of each artists routine

Bradley Alexander started off the show as Previsualization Supervisor and rose to become CG Supervisor. He was ultimately responsible for the organization and planning of the 3rd act Battle. Alexander spent most of his fourth (4th) year on stage for the 3rd act virtual camera shoots making sure things went smoothly in coordination with all other teams. Toward the end of the show Alexander also supervised all I/O for shots with integration of live action and cg.

Jerry Kung, CG Supervisor, started his tour as a sequence lead. His organizational skills were a pillar for the entire team. Toward the end of the show Kung supervised all I/O for CG only shots.

Andrew Moffett headed up many sequences as a sequence lead. All of his work was executed quickly and with an extremely low margin of error.

Jeremy Agamata, virtual cinema artist, keep everything moving smooth from lab to stage.

Ignacio Pena held down stage operator for Cameron as he proved his speed and flexibility to work under pressure in a live virtual camera environment.

Daryl Bartley was 3d tracking guru for all the alternative content scenes that required camera tracking and object tracking.

HALON is proud of the work that was completed by the many talented artists and crew involved with this production and we would like to thank James Cameron, Jon Landau and Colin Wilson for the amazing experience and opportunity to be part of this film.

Halon Team Credits

Previsualization Supervisor
Bradley Alexander

CG Supervisor
Bradley Alexander

Virtual Cinema Artist
Jeremy Agamata

3D Tracking
Daryl Bartley

CG Supervisor
Jerry Kung

Virtual Cinema Artist
Andrew Moffett

Virtual Stage Operator
Ignacio Bayardo Pena