Director: Alexander Payne
Duration – 5 months

To solve the world’s over population crisis, HALON’s previs, postvis and finals team worked closely with VFX supervisor James E. Price and VFX producer Susan MacLeod to create the miniature Leisureland in Downsizing. To communicate director Alexander Payne’s vision for a world inhabited by 13 cm tall people, HALON’s artists concentrated on showing the scale of the new, downsized people as they embarked on their new life. Beginning with the previs stage inside Leisureland and the journey to become smaller, the team returned to production for postvis and finals, finishing 28 finals shots. We used Maya, Syntheyes, After Effects, Nuke and Unreal Engine to create a cohesive, well planned and believable miniature world, with every detail supporting the film.


Halon Team Credits

Postvis Supervisor:
Andrew Moffett

Postvis Lead:
Zachary Wong

Postvis Artists:
Spencer Kelsey
Andre Mercier
Melissa Quintas
Jaime Riveros
Tefft Smith II

Patrice Avery

Associate Producer:
Rich Enriquez