Directed by Tom Shadyac

David Brickley, supervising for HALON, and crew were responsible for all of the previs for Evan Almighty, including all scenes with animals as well as the journey of the Arc down the Potomic to the US Capitol steps. HALON was also responsible for the majority of post-viz, taking extremely complicated animal shots and moving them from pre-viz to post-viz for motion control planning and compositing planning. All of the shots HALON handled, involved post-viz tracking and planning of hundreds of CG animal pairs into existing shots and breaking out each animal pair to be shot seperately, which were then composited back into the final shot.

Halon Team Credits

Previsualization & Postvisualization Supervisor
David Brickley

Brad Alexander
Andrew Moffett
Gregg Lukomski
Ryan McCoy
Chris Bowers
Dan Tindell
Brian Magner
Mike Comfort
Brandon Fayette
Dave Santos Abuel
David Kim
Ignacio Pena
Joseph Alessandra
Joshua Cortopassi
Moriba Duncan
Omra Menkes
Shoghi Castel De Oro