Directed by Ang Lee

Previs supervisors Brad Alexander and Gary Lee led the HALON team in their collaboration with director Ang Lee to tell the story of a boy, and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, prevising over 90 minutes of the film. Andrew Moffett supervised postvis to continue the support throughout the editing process.

Halon Team Credits

Previs Supervisors
Bradley Alexander
Gary H. Lee

Previs Artists
Daryl T. Bartley
Stephen Deane
Joe Henderson
Kirsten Jelliffe
John F. Lee
Andrew Moffett
Ignacio Bayardo Pena
Long-Hai Pham
Ben Shupe
Travis Yee

Postvis Supervisor
Andrew Moffett

Postvis Artists
Faris Hermiz
Michael G. Jackson
Euisung Lee
Ari Teger
Paolo Joel Ziemba
Jerry Zigounakis

HALON Producer
Patrice Avery