Directed by James Mangold

Duration: Previs – 6.5 Months, Postvis – 2 Months

HALON has been a key creative partner for the first two Wolverine films. We’ve reunited with our favorite mutant for his final film: Logan. Our team worked with director James Mangold for previs, stuntvis and postvis. We were there for Oculus set scouting, and utilized game engine renders to turn around several key sequences in this epic trilogy conclusion.

Halon Team Credits

Previs & Postvis Supervisor
Clint G. Reagan

Previs Artists
Alexandra Prescott Barlow
Jason Choi
Kenny DiGiordano
Ingolfur Gudmundsson
Spencer Kelsey
Jess Marley
Ryan McCoy
Grant Olin
Caitlin Rupert
Jim Turner
Kristin Marie Turnipseed
Alex Wolfe
Zachary Wong
Paolo Joel Ziemba
Jerry Zigounakis

Previs Modeler
Christina Hall

Postvis Artists
Aaron Aikman
Alexandra Barlow
Kenny DiGiordano
Jahkeeli Garnett
Guenever Goik
Brian Magner
Andre Mercier
Andrew Moffett
Melissa Quintas
Ron Rhee
Martin Rivera
Jaime E. Riveros
Mike Sill
Kristin Marie Turnipseed
Alex Wolfe
Timothy Xenakis
Jerry Zigounakis

Patrice Avery

Production Coordinator
Taylor Finan