Directed by Chris Wedge

Previs Duration: 4 Months (Santa Monica & Vancouver, BC)

HALON was asked to help figure out how a monster and a truck can manage to work together. We were tasked to push the envelope on how to move a truck in a very dynamic way while maintaining as much of the physics that a truck would allow. Once we found a way to have the truck move, we then worked on some major sequences in the film. One of the best parts of the process was building a Vancouver team to be close to the production, and produce the highest quality of work possible. We found a amazing group of artists and delivered something the director and studio were extremely happy with.

Halon Team Credits

Previs Supervisor
Tefft Smith II

Previs Artists

US Team:
Bryan Chojnowski
Pete Coggeshall
John K Goodman
Nathan Hopkins
Spencer Kelsey
Andre Mercier
Grant Olin
Travis Yee

BC Team:
Steven Avalos
Derek Babchishin
Giorgio Bertolone
Jason Chee
Denise Emerson
Harlan Galer
Matthew Horner
Randolph Lizarda

Patrice Avery