Directed by Clint Reagan

Duration: 6 Weeks

HALON worked closely with Hi-Rez Studios to create this exciting trailer for the upcoming console launch of Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Clint and the HALON team developed the trailer over a span of 6 weeks, and were involved in every aspect of development from concept through final delivery. This included converting Paladins in-game assets for the HALON Unreal Engine 4 cinematic pipeline and rigging these characters for Maya, final animation, camera, lighting and FX, compositing and final renders in Unreal Engine 4.


Halon Team Credits

Directed by

Clint G. Reagan


Kenny DiGiordano

Andre Mercier

Todd Patterson

Kristin Turnipseed

Tim Xenakis

Jerry Zigounakis

Engine Artists

Aaron Aikman

Alexandra Prescott Barlow

Mike Sill

Production Coordinator

Taylor Finan


Chris Ferriter