Directed by Tim Story

Previs duration: 3.5 Months

VFX Supervisor AJ Briones reprised his role for Tim Story’s Ride Along 2. Briones and team created an action packed car chase video game “played” by Kevin Hart live on set, so that he could organically improv based on HALON’s footage during the shoot. The game footage was also intercut with live-action car sequence in an exhilarating “Grand Theft Auto” style simulation.

HALON Team Credits

VFX Supervisor
AJ Briones

VFX Artists
E. Bradley Alexander
Buffy Bailey
Chris Kirshbaum
Jess Marley
Ryan McCoy
Andre Mercier
Andrew Moffett
Prasad Narse
Casey Pyke
Ben Shupe

VFX Producer
Patrice Avery