Directed by Jon Watts

Previs Duration: 4.5 months

HALON collaborated with Director Jon Watts, and VFX Sup Janek Sirrs on three key sequences for Sony and Marvel’s latest film, following young Peter Parker. Our team began in Los Angeles, and then grew and split to two teams working at our Los Angeles studio and on location in Atlanta.

Team credits:

Previs Supervisors:
E. Bradley Alexander
Kyle Jefferson

Previs Lead:
Andre Mercier

Previs Artists:
Cortney Armitage
Buffy Bailey
AJ Briones
Bill Campbell
Leif Einarsson
Jahkeeli Garnett
Andrew Greenlee
Brian Magner
Jess Marley
Ryan McCoy
Todd Patterson
Douglas Rappin
Ron Rhee
Ben Shupe
Edward Shurla
Tefft Smith II
Kristin Marie Turnipseed
Zachary Wong
Travis Yee

Previs Modeler:
Christina Hall

Previs Editor:
Mark Scovil

Patrice Avery

Associate Producer:
Richard Enriquez

Production Coordinators:
Madeline Austin-Kulat
Dru Fickling
Taylor Finan