The Story
Directed by Daniel D. Gregoire, the Division Survival trailer was developed for the announcement of The Division’s Survival DLC. Using in-game assets and rendered in Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop engine, the HALON team created a desolate cityscape where the snow and the wind serve as a central character. The project was developed from concept to delivery in 8 weeks and was shot entirely with virtual camera. The trailer debuted at E3 2016.

HALON worked directly with the Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment to develop the script and storyboards for this piece based on a concept outline. Motion capture was done at Ubisoft Montreal and HALON Santa Monica, with on set direction by Daniel D. Gregoire, and all animation, asset creation, engine integration, particle effects, lighting, compositing, and editorial was done onsite at HALON. The final edit was delivered in 4k ultra HD with 5.1 surround sound.

Halon Team Credits

Cinematic Director
Daniel D. Gregoire

Andrew Moffett
Buffy Bailey
Liam Murphy
Dionisio Shin
Randy Wilson
Timothy Xenakis
Travis Yee
Jerry Zigounakis
Imran Sheikh
Engine Supervisor
Jason Choi
Engine Artists
Alexandra Prescott Barlow
Timothy C. Graybill
Youna Kang
Mike Sill
Christina Hall
Jenna Ruth
Maximilian Funke
Alex Wolfe
Sound Design
Tom Paolantonio
Executive Producer
Patrice Avery
Chris Ferriter
Associate Producer
Richard Enriquez
Production Coordinator
Taylor Finan