Director: Michael Gracey
Previs/Postvis Duration – 3.2 Weeks 

Our previs team was inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum when we joined the production of FOX’s ‘The Greatest Showman.’ Our small and experienced team of artists executed previs shots for several of the musicals complicated sequences for director Michael Gracey, the VFX team and editorial. Our team’s flexibility and speed allowed the creative team to experiment and change sequences up until the last minute. We later returned to the film for two and a half months of compositing and tracking during post-production.


Halon Team Credits

Previs/Postvis Supervisor:
Ryan McCoy

Previs/Postvis Artists:
Grant Olin
Travis Yee

Finals/Compositing Duration – 2.5 months

Final/Comp Artists:
Melissa Quintas
Ron Rhee
Alex Wolfe
Zachary Wong

Executive Producer:
Patrice Avery

Rich Enriquez