Directed by Francis Lawrence

HALON Entertainment joined Katniss for her assault on the Capitol to bring a pivotal scene in the Hunger Games franchise to life.

Previs Duration: 5 Weeks

Halon Team Credits

Previs Supervisor
Clint G. Reagan

Previs Artists
Paul C. Berry
Bryan Chojnowski
Justin Coury
Spencer Kelsey
Craig D. McPherson
Matthew Newhart
Elaina Scott

Postvis Duration: 5 Months

Halon Team Credits

Postvis Supervisor
Ryan McCoy

Postvis Artists
Buffy Bailey
AJ Briones
Daryl T. Bartley
Ceen Jiaxuan Hu
Michael G. Jackson
Spencer Kelsey
Gary H. Lee
Andrew Moffett
Andre Mercier
Grant Olin
Todd Paterson
Casey Pyke
Zachary Wong
Paolo Joel Ziemba
Jerry Zigounakis
Javier Zumaeta