Directors: Seth MacFarlane, Jon Favreau, Jon Cassar, Jamie Babbit, James L. Conway, Kelly Cronin, Jonathan Frakes, Tucker Gates, Kevin Hooks, Robert Duncan McNeill

Previs Duration – 9 months for 13 episodes

Working with VFX Supervisor Luke McDonald, HALON created space battles, worm holes, exploding planets and other exciting material for Fox’s new TV series, The Orville. Created by and starring Seth MacFarlane, our team of artists collaborated with McDonald to bring MacFarlane’s creative vision to life. We provided the basis for the motion control data to supplement model shoots of a practical scale model of the Orville, and provided point of view material displayed on a 18 X 104 foot LED screen giving the actors a clear sense of what’s happening outside the ship during their scenes. Our team proved to be a creative and reliable asset to the production for all thirteen episodes of The Orville’s first season, supplementing and enhancing the work done with the practical vfx on set.


Halon Team Credits

Previs Supervisor:
Kenny DiGiordano

Previs Artists:
Aaron Aikman
Buffy Bailey
Alexandra Prescott Barlow
Spencer Kelsey
Brian Magner
Jess Marley
Ryan McCoy
Todd Patterson
Clint G. Reagan
Mike Sill

Supervising Producer:
Patrice Avery

Chris Ferriter

Associate Producer:
Rich Enriquez

Production Coordinator:
Taylor Finan