Directed by Matt Reeves

Duration: Previs Team US – 10 months; Previs Team BC – 6 months; Postvis Team – 11 months

HALON reunited with our Dawn of the Planet of the Apes collaborator, director Matt Reeves, for War for the Planet of the Apes utilizing previs very early in the production process. Working closely with Reeves, we planned a number of huge sequences for the film. We developed proprietary tools and pipelines to render our previs on the Unreal Engine, which provided for more realistic lighting, dynamic effects and an overall higher level of visual polish, which translated to a more effective means of communicating the Reeves’ ideas to the production.
Our efforts continued on-set where we provided rapid turnaround previs and techvis to assist the production as needed. In post-production, we generated postvis for several hundred shots in the film, working closely with editorial and WETA to ensure a unified look and level of polish. Throughout, we have used just about every tool in our creative arsenal: using both keyframe and both in-house and WETA motion capture in order to tell Matt Reeves’ epic story.
Our contribution past the postvis phase, and our team came full-circle completing finals for many of our previs and postvis shots.


Halon Team Credits
Previs & Postvis Supervisor

AJ Briones


Previs Lead – Vancouver Team

Andrew Moffett


Previs & Postvis Lead – LA Team


Previs Team – US 10 months 

Aaron Aikman
Buffy Bailey
Alexandra Prescott Barlow
Zac Cavaliero
Alex Chiles
Jason Choi
Ingolfur Gudmundsson
Christina Hall
Nathan Hopkins
Spencer Kelsey
Brian Magner
Jess Marley
Andre Mercier
Todd Patterson
Ben Shupe
Travis Yee
Jerry Zigounakis


Previs Team – BC 6 months 

Jason Chee
Daniel Gerlitz
Sharon Huang
Patrick McNabb
Will Seaborn


Postvis Team: 11 months

Aaron Aikman
Buffy Bailey
Alexandra Barlow
Spencer Kelsey
Vicki Lau
Brian Magner
Jess Marley
Andrew Moffett
Jenny Park
Kyoung Kay Park
Todd Patterson
Melissa Quintas
Clint G. Reagan
Ron Rhee
Ben Shupe
Tefft Smith II
Kristin Marie Turnipseed
Zachary Wong


Production Assistant

Taylor Finan