Directed by Marc Forster

Duration: November 2010 – February 2012

Over the course of a year and four months Previs Director Daniel Gregoire chased Zombies from Los Angeles, to London, Malta, Budapest and Glasgow with a portable V CAM System in an effort to save the world from the zombie hordes! While back at home base supervisor Bradley Alexander and team barricaded themselves into the office and provided tactical support using motion capture, virtual camera, MotionBuilder and Maya to save the production with killer scenes of havoc wrought across the planet!

After most of the world retreated to safe havens and turned it’s eye to offense HALON fielded the effort with a Postvis team lead by Postvis Supervisor Michael Jackson. Together with his team, he killed plate after plate so editorial could move the front line forward.

HALON Team Credits

Previs Director
Daniel D. Gregoire

Previs Supervisor
Bradley Alexander

Previs Artists
Andrew Greenlee
AJ Briones
Alex Menard
Ben Shupe
Benny Vargas
Brian Magner
Bryan Chojnowski
Thomas Chao Tung Huang
Clint G. Reagan
Euisung Lee
Jerry Zigounakis
Joe Henderson
Kenny Digiordano
Long-Hai Pham
Nina Huynh
Paolo Joel Ziemba
Richard Perry
Stephen Camardella
Stephen Deane
Tefft Smith II
Travis Yee

Postvis Supervisor
Michael G. Jackson

Postvis Artists
Andrew Moffett
Ari Teger
Daryl T. Bartley
David Rodriguez
Jeff W. Smith
Patricio Harris
Ron Rhee