Cinematics Directed by Daniel D. Gregoire

HALON Director & CEO, Daniel D. Gregoire, lead a team of artists on two key story sequences on the critically-acclaimed title, XCOM 2, which is developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K. With Gregoire directing, the HALON team executed these two sequences from start to finish including mocap, animation, camera, lighting and in-engine rendering using Firaxis’s internal tools and technology. HALON also created the key art image for the global product announcement.

HALON Team Credits

Cinematic Director
Daniel D. Gregoire

Ryan McCoy

Engine Specialists
Jason Choi
Youna Kang

Engine TD
Casey Christopher Benn

Cinematic Animators
Igor Choromanski
Andrew Moffett
Garrett O’Neal
Todd Patterson
Andrew Rose
Ruel Smith
Randy Wilson
Timothy Xenakis
Paolo Joel Ziemba

Comp Artist
Bryan Locantore

Alex Chiles
Maggie Chung
Timothy C. Graybill
Christina Hall
Brian Magner

Motion Capture Actors
Richard Dorton
Alina Andrei

Storyboard Artist
Vania Astari Arrifin

Concept Art
One Pixel Brush

Senior Producer
Patrice Avery

Associate Producer
Richard Enriquez

Production Assistant
Taylor Finan

Motion Capture Facilities provided by
Profile Studios

President and Creative Director
Matt Madden

Executive Producer
Connie Kennedy

Performance Capture Producer
Sarah Mattes

Virtual Production Supervisor
Connor Murphy

Performance Capture Digital Script Supervisor
Anthony Pintor

IT Manager
Andre Popov

Motion Editors
Jim Orlik
Thomas Shin